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Guided Walks on Dartmoor
Guided Walks on Dartmoor
5 indoor shooting ranges
5 indoor shooting ranges
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mini golf
The Manor 10-pin bowling
The Manor 10-pin bowling
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Help Us, Help You - Let’s Keep Our Activities Free

Our philosophy, from the very beginning, has been to offer unrivalled value and include as much as we possibly can in the price of your break. This has meant that, unlike many of our competitors, our unrivalled choice of sports, leisure & spa activities and facilities, along with craft tuition, is included in the price of your break.  

We have endeavoured to ensure that, wherever possible, there are no restrictions on what you may do, when you may do it and for how long. This has ensured that we have something on offer for everyone from 3 to 103! 

It has also presented the unique opportunity for our guests to try many new things without fear of excessive cost

A significant number of our guests have had their first taste of their favourite hobby during one of our activity sessions.


Our Problem

Unfortunately, we have seen a common problem start to appear far too frequently – “No Shows”. 

Guests, for whatever reason, have not attended an activity or facility session for which they had previously booked.  

    Over 20,000 people didn’t attend a booked activity during the last year!    

This presents a number of very frustrating problems – 

For Guests:

1. Not being able to take part in the activities they would like

 2. Activity sessions running far later in the day, sometimes to very inconvenient times of 7pm

3. Not all of a family or group being able to take part in an activity, only to find there would have been enough space for everyone - A very disappointing start to, what should be, a very enjoyable time. 

For us:

1. Considerable cost implications of running many more sessions than are necessary.

2. Activity instructors working needlessly excessive hours.

These issues, which impact massively on the enjoyment of everyone’s break, has meant that we have to take action. We have considered employing a nominal charge to ensure that attendance levels are improved, however, given the beliefs on which we have built our business we wish to exhaust every available alternative solution. However, the current levels of no shows must improve, or we will be left with no option but to charge.


Our Solution

We would ask you to be conscious of what you are booking and when

Review your personal plan after you have signed-up and consider any clashes. 

Please look to release any spaces as soon as you can – fellow guests are continually reviewing the activities on offer and a cancellation, even 1 hour before, is likely to be taken. 

In addition, we will be employing more thorough assessments of both facility and activity sign-up and attendance.


We thank you for reading our statement and encourage you to adopt a considered and conscientious approach to activity bookings for the benefit of everyone.



* All prices, activities & facilities listed within this brochure are correct at the time of print. All information is subject to change. During off-peak times the Ashbury programme may be limited. To request a particular activity please contact when booking. Charges apply for gloves needed for ice skating and for some machines in the games zone.